The Business Case for Palliative Care

The Business Case for Palliative Care



How The Business Case for Palliative Care Will Help Your Organization:

  • Business Case for Palliative Care BrochurePalliative care improves care delivery, reduces costs
  • Helps assess the impact of existing programs
  • Identify new palliative care growth opportunities
  • Self-paced, four-hour course, cut through the clutter and save time
  • Developed by nationally recognized team of palliative care clinicians and analysts
  • Guidance on how to maximize return on investment
  • Prepare a business plan for palliative care

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Fully Online 4-hour Course

Palliative care improves clinical outcomes at lower costs. Even so, clinical and administrative healthcare leaders need to understand local practices and outcomes when making program-development decisions. Before you build a business plan for palliative care, you must understand the business of palliative care. This self-pace, online course is where you can start. Many of those who have taken this course, bring multiple team members together and utilize the dialogue generated as the foundation for the business plan of their palliative care strategy.

Data describing how patients with serious illnesses are currently utilizing healthcare services, associated costs and revenues, and how your organization is performing on quality measures influence decisions about the need to create, sustain or expand palliative care.

This four-hour, self-paced course can help with all these critical tasks. Designed to orient clinical and administrative leaders to the concepts that inform the business case for palliative care, it introduces the analyses that can be used to assess the impact of existing programs and identify growth opportunities for hospital, clinic, and home-based palliative care services. Developed by a nationally recognized team of clinicians and analysts, the course provides a roadmap for gathering the data needed to make the case for creating, sustaining or expanding your palliative care services.

Corporate Education in Palliative Care

Course Content:

  • Review of the components, models, and prevalence of palliative care across the continuum, including community-based (outpatient) and inpatient palliative care services
  • Current evidence of palliative care impact on patients and families, and on utilization and costs
  • Key concepts that inform the business case for different types of palliative care services in different settings, appreciating where fiscal and quality incentives are aligned
  • Review of analytic approaches used to develop fiscal outcomes for palliative care
  • Guidance on how to develop ROI estimates that account for staffing costs, expected revenues, and avoided costs
  • Tips for developing a comprehensive case for palliative care that addresses the goals of improving outcomes, improving care delivery and reducing costs

Course Q & A

  • Is this a webinar or is it interactive?
    • This is a self-paced interactive course not a webinar
      • With a certificate of completion and 4 Continuing Education Hours
  • How long do I have to complete the program?
    • You will have access to the course for 1 months
  • Is there a course syllabus?
    • Not until you take the course, but there is a course content description on the web page
  • Are CME’s being offered?
    • CMEs are not being offered at this time

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