Post-MSW Palliative Care Certificate

Post-MSW Palliative Care Certificate



How This Course Will Enhance Care and Build Your Career:

  • Post MSW BrochureIncreases quality of palliative care provided
  • Provides knowledge and skills to be successful working in a palliative care, interprofessional environment
  • Fully online, ideal for the busy professional
  • Expands the role of the social worker in pain management and spiritual care
  • 144 Continuing Education Hours

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8-Month Program: 144 Continuing Education Hours (Board of Behavioral Sciences Lic. #PCE 3405)

This is the first and only online certificate program designed to enhance the skills of MSWs in palliative care. The role of the social worker is central to palliative care’s goal of providing compassionate, patient and family-centered care that relieves the suffering and improves quality of life for those with serious or chronic illness.

The CSU Institute for Palliative Care’s Post-MSW Palliative Care Social Work Certificate Program is designed to provide master’s prepared social workers with the knowledge and skills to be successful working in a palliative care, interprofessional environment whether that is in a hospital, hospice or other setting.


“This is amazing. It seems like every week the homework is relevant to what is going on for me at work!” Recent Student

THIS is why Social Workers Should Seriously Consider This Powerful Course! See what this actual student says about her experience in our online Post-MSW course.

ADDITIONALLY, hear what Gary Gardia, a member of our faculty, has to say about the value of this program in a recent webinar. This webinar covered changes from the last Post-MSW course, includes answers to frequently asked questions, and more. Click here to watch this informative replay.

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