community-based palliative care

Seminar Announced – Smooth Sailing: Ensuring Your Community-Based Palliative Care Success SAN DIEGO, CA – September 27, 2016 All across America hospices

Too many palliative care programs are launched without sufficient planning. This causes everyone a lot of unnecessary stress while depriving the patient

Courses Support Care Delivery for Seriously Ill People Outside of Hospitals SAN DIEGO, CA – June 20, 2016 The California State University

In our last newsletter, we began a discussion about implementing community based palliative care. This month, we’ll look at community partnerships and

Community-based palliative care is “where it’s at” these days in the world of palliative care … and its not surprising. Those who

Series of Ten Self-Paced Courses Announced San Diego, CA – November 13, 2015 The California State University Shiley Institute for Palliative