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2014 Professional Courses and Community Events Announced

In recognition of national Hospice and Palliative Care Month, the California State University Shiley Institute for Palliative Care has announced its 2014 schedule of professional courses and community workshops. “Integrating palliative care across the continuum of health care is a vital step to improving the quality of care provided to those with a serious or chronic illness.  And, it improves patient and family satisfaction while reducing health care system costs,” said Helen McNeal, executive director of the Institute, “But without a workforce knowledgeable in palliative care and patients and families who demand it, progress will be slow.”

McNeal defines palliative care as an approach to care that improves the quality of life for patients facing serious or chronic illness — whatever the diagnosis or prognosis – and their families. It prevents and relieves suffering by addressing pain and physical symptoms as well as the emotional, psychosocial and spiritual problems associated with serious and chronic conditions.

  • “We’ve had such significant participation for some of our online courses that we’ve added additional classes to keep up with the demand.”  Comments received include …
  • “I know this will positively impact my work with patients/families. I also learned so much through the thoughtful discussion with other attendees. I’m very grateful I was able to attend!”
  •  “I am very grateful for this course give it an overall excellent rating!”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel as though I learned a lot and I can immediately use the acquired knowledge and skills.”

Professional Courses

The Institute provides education about palliative care for professionals in the fields of social work, nursing, chaplaincy and health care management, with programs including:

  • RN Certificate in Palliative Care – Palliative care fundamentals for all RNs. Starts February 3 and April 7. Eight weeks online.
  • Post-MSW Certificate in Palliative Care – For MSWs interested in or working in palliative care. Starts February 3 and May 5. Eight weeks online.
  • Hospice and Palliative Care (CHPN) Certificate Prep Course – For nurses preparing to write the National Board of Certification Exam in hospice and palliative nursing. May 24-25. Classroom. San Diego area.
  • Post MSN Certificate in Palliative Care – For nurses with master’s degrees interested in palliative care.  Starting January 27. Students can take the whole certificate program or take individual classes.

Community Events

(San Diego County) The community programs focus on the critical information that patients with a serious or chronic illness need to know as well as educating both patients and families about caregiving, palliative care and navigating the health care system.

  • Caring For Those You Care About – Starts February 5th for 4 consecutive weeks in the San Diego area.
  • Caring at a Distance – February 20. One-day course in the San Diego Area.
  • Serious Illness Journey – Starts on May 26th for three consecutive weeks in the San Diego area.

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