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Adam Shapiro, CSUSM, Invites Colleagues to Palliative Care Symposium

Adam Shapiro, Ph.D., Special Advisor, CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care, Professor of Sociology, CSU San Marcos

As a teacher and scholar, I am always looking for ways to enhance my teaching and research, and to connect with those with similar interests. Yet, there are few conferences for palliative care scholars from a broad array of disciplines to interact. That is why the CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care 2nd National Symposium for Palliative Care Education and Research is such a wonderful opportunity. Its focus is to bring together faculty from colleges, universities, and professional schools from across the nation, to collaborate and share best practices in education and research around palliative care. I am so proud to be working directly with Institute staff to help plan our next National Symposium on September 28-29, 2017 in beautiful North San Diego.

All Academic Disciplines are Welcome

Like palliative care teams, the Symposium is designed to bring together a diverse array of those in the academy, from the humanities to the health sciences, with a common interest – improving the lives of those with serious or chronic illnesses. Thus, with our Symposium, we seek to gather all colleagues whose wish is to incorporate alleviation of suffering into their teaching, research, and/or practice to share how they do this with each other and to learn from renowned experts in the field of palliative care. Also, since many of us are engaged in work with our students, the Symposium is also a wonderful opportunity to share this work and connect your students with others in the field.

Present Your Work that Incorporates the Reduction of Human Suffering

I understand that faculty have many potential outlets for their work and limited time and funding, but I firmly believe that the National Symposium for Palliative Care Education and Research is well worth your investment. PLUS, those with accepted proposals receive an $85 discount off of the already reasonable registration costs! I invite any and all of you who are involved in work that incorporates approaches for the reduction of human suffering, and the advancement of these practices among your students or colleagues, to bring your work to the symposium and share it with the rest of us. Present your work at the symposium.

To learn more or to submit your proposal, click HERE.

I hope to see you in San Diego in September!

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