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More People Can Experience the Healing Power of Art

In a society where perfect records are admired when achieved, like winning the Tour de France, claiming an Oscar, or becoming a billionaire, coloring “outside of the lines” is not very often seen as the ultimate achievement. Yet, letting our individual thoughts or feelings come out through the creation of art can be immensely therapeutic for people who’ve experienced trauma, loss, or difficult change.

Stress is on the Rise

Surveys conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of the American Psychological Association in late 2016, noted in a US News article, said that stress is on the rise among Americans, not only due to political tension domestically and internationally, as well as due to increased acts of violence and over-saturation from electronic information. People are experiencing these tensions through their external world, but also experiencing stress personally, through domestic violence, PTSD, increasing levels of chronic illness, caring for family members, and more.

More People Can Experience Healing

Healing Through Art: Facilitator Training Program was created for anyone who has a desire to help others express themselves to further healing of emotional trauma, loss or stress. The CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care commissioned artist/psychologist Dr. Colleen Moss to create a course for online participation based on her work in conducting many face-to-face workshops utilizing principles of healing through art.

The course has been designed so that over the course of six weeks, a small number of participants led by an instructor work “virtually” together to read, experience, and reflect on healing that occurs when they create their own art. Participants also have the chance to lead their own small group, to “try” what they are learning, before ending the course. The goal, then, is for the trained participants to be able to host locally-based Healing Through Art workshops, to guide more people to the therapy that creating art can provide.

I love getting lost in the process… creating art helps me to get in touch or maybe momentarily lose touch, to be in the moment.Past student

Art is Personal

Expressing one’s thoughts, feelings, and concerns through art does not necessarily create a recognizable image as a finished product. As one participant noted, “I’m best at just simply creating an environment for creativity to show up in and then invite the Inspiration muse in.” Another said, “I love getting lost in the process… creating art helps me to get in touch or maybe momentarily lose touch, to be in the moment.” The final comments summarizes why this course was created: “Since I have found such healing and growth through art, I am excited to learn more about how to help others begin that journey for themselves.”

Fully Online for Anyone, Anywhere

The course provides 24 continuing education hours, and is ideal for anyone, whether in healthcare, healing ministries, groups, or organizations, where assisting others to heal would be helpful. New courses start periodically throughout the year.

To learn more about Healing Through Art: Facilitator Training Program, click here, or call the Institute at 760-750-4006.


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