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Dr. on Workshop: “I’ve Waited my Entire Professional Career for This!”

Vista Community Clinic’s Dr. Novikoff knows that the rapid pace of change in palliative medicine requires doctors to stay on top of clinical skills as well as business and communication skills. Hear how this physician found new and practical skills to improve the performance of the Vista Community Clinic team with an innovative interdisciplinary program developed by the CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care.


Any organizational change process requires awareness, willingness and readiness. Everyone that goes into palliative medicine understands the importance of clinical skills but too often, interpersonal and communication skills are not at the top of the list in traditional educational models. That is why Dr. Novikoff and others at the Vista Community Clinic found this interactive workshop so valuable.

The Business Case for Palliative Care 

Do you have a business plan for palliative care? Does your organization understand how palliative care can create more value for the entire organization while producing better patient outcomes? Does your team know what questions to ask when implementing or fine tuning a palliative care program?

Find the answers to these questions and more in The Business Case for Palliative Care. It’s a self-paced course and according to one doctor, it could save your organization millions!

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