Palliative Care Training for Interdisciplinary Teams

Healthcare teams work best together when there is a shared framework to support each patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our interdisciplinary team courses are great for clinicians and staff working in any care setting.

Beyond Cultural Humility: Diversity, Inclusivity, and Navigating Bias in Care

Learners enrolled in this course explore aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion to develop self-awareness and build professional skills that promote a safe and welcoming workplace environment. The course provides an opportunity for learners to consider how self-reflection can lead to leadership behavior and management strategies that maximize organizational harmony...

Telemedicine Skills for Clinicians

In the era of COVID-19, the world of healthcare—including palliative care—experienced a sudden shift in how care is delivered: Almost overnight, clinicians across sectors and settings migrated their patient encounters online. As a result, a significant portion of healthcare encounters occur today through technology-enabled tools and platforms from landline telephones...

Core Concepts in Palliative Care – All Health Professionals

If you are a professional caring for people with serious illnesses, this course offers you and your team the tools and skills you need to work cohesively to provide the best whole-person care to patients and families. This course is designed for professionals from all disciplines in all care settings....

Core Concepts in Palliative Care – Chaplains

Spiritual and existential distress are common forms of suffering for patients and families impacted by chronic or serious illness. This course provides chaplains with a comprehensive understanding of palliative care best practices, and new skills and strategies to effectively support seriously ill patients. Questions? Contact us at (760) 750-4006

Core Concepts in Palliative Care – Nurses

Developed for nursing professionals, this self-paced course delivers an in-depth overview of palliative care nursing, and provides practical tools and strategies to enhance your practice and effectiveness in caring for seriously-ill patients and families in any care setting. Questions? Contact us at (760) 750-4006

Core Concepts in Palliative Care – Social Workers

This course builds on the holistic, patient-centered skills, and strengths of social workers and brings into focus the important role they play as part of transdisciplinary teams. The course explores how this foundation is used to address values, mindfulness, critical thinking, and relationships. Questions? Contact us at (760) 750-4006