Gain new skills to ease spiritual suffering

As an integral member of the interdisciplinary team, chaplains and spiritual care providers help patients assess their spiritual needs and ensure a support team is in place. Learn how additional training in palliative care can help you more effectively support individuals with serious illnesses and their loved ones.

Core Concepts in Palliative Care – Chaplains

Spiritual and existential distress are common forms of suffering for patients and families impacted by chronic or serious illness. This course provides chaplains with a comprehensive understanding of palliative care best practices, and new skills and strategies to effectively support seriously ill patients.

Essentials of Palliative Care Chaplaincy

Highly skilled spiritual care providers are experts in addressing grief, emotional distress, and spiritual/existential pain in the journey through advanced illness. In palliative care, spiritual care providers can be an invaluable support to patients, families, and members of the clinical team Master the full circle model of spiritual care in this...

What Every Chaplain Needs to Know About Palliative Care

Palliative care is an extra level of support for people with serious or life-limiting illnesses. Spiritual care is an important part of palliative care. Spiritual care providers working in hospitals, churches, and other settings need an understanding of palliative care and how it can ease spiritual suffering for vulnerable patients...