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Report to the Community 2015

Palliative Care Featured as a Major Milestone

The 25-year old university’s President Karen Haynes gave her Report to the Community last Thursday, February 5th. The president of Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) said that the university is moving forward by continuing to close the “degree gap” for an increasingly diverse population. She said, “We believe that anyone who has the drive and desire to attain a college degree in our region should have a place at our institution.”

President Haynes addressed multiple education issues that she and the university will continue to focus on including:

– Educational Access — CSUSM is creating paths and partnerships to make college more effective for more students. She cited a forecast that California’s economy will demand one million more graduates by the year 2025.

– Workplace Skills — Haynes noted that Cal State University frequently surveys businesses to stay abreast of their evolving needs. The university then creates new degrees and certificate programs like cyber security and health curriculum to meet those needs. “We aren’t just ‘chalk and talk; but future-focused on real solutions to real problems,” said Haynes.

Report to the community cover

– Changing Health Care Needs — America’s aging population is creating new opportunities for our future workforce. Haynes cited the CSU Institute for Palliative Care, which she said has educated more than 600 healthcare professionals with its innovative palliative care education programs.

– Serving Veterans — Haynes stated that of the university’s student population, a full 11 percent are military-affiliated — the highest per capita in the California State University system. “We are committed to serving those who have served their nation,” she said.

– Globalization — CSUSM will seek to teach the global skills and competencies students need to address important issues across borders. “Our programs are designed to help our students get REAL jobs,” she said.

– Community Engagement — Haynes stated, “The successful university of the future must not be an ivory tower isolated from the real world around it.”

President Haynes with staff

– Environment — With an eye to the future, the university is creating new programs and certificates to prepare our future workforce to address our historic drought and ongoing environmental issues.

At the end of her Report to the Community, President Karen Haynes stopped by the breakfast table of the California State University Shiley Institute for Palliative Care to congratulate the Institute on their rapid growth since its inception in 2012.

Pictured to the right in attendance at the community breakfast event are: Steve Dahl – The Institute’s Marketing Director, Stacy Starkka – consultant to the Institute, Sharon Hamill – CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care Faculty Director at CSUSM, CSUSM President Karen Haynes, Eileen Piersa – Associate Director of Campus Relations for the Institute.

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