Course Topic: Teams and Interdisciplinary Training

Gain expert skills in palliative care social work and learn how to navigate the diverse demands of your role, assess psychosocial distress, apply appropriate interventions to support patients and families, and emerge as a leader on a palliative care team.

Gain a deeper understanding of motivational interviewing techniques and explore ways to integrate this method into your work with patients.

Aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils to promote well-being, has a growing base of research in modern health care. Learn how aromatherapy can support palliative care patients and their families.

Gain a deeper understanding of the chaplain’s role as a member of an interdisciplinary team and learn more about chaplaincy practices unique to palliative care and seriously ill patients.

Tailored for nursing professionals, this course focuses on the skills and approaches designed to integrate palliative care into the overall care of chronically and seriously ill patients.

Designed to build on the patient-centered skills and strengths of social workers, this course explores important concepts in the care of seriously ill patients, such as values, ethics, mindfulness, self-care, resilience, death, and grief.

Illustration of heart and hands

Learn how creative self-expression promotes healing and how to guide others in art activities that help them ease anxiety, process grief, and build resilience.